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Trippy FAQs

If you are using “The Trippy Stix” everyday it’s  recommended that you clean out the “Vapor  Chamber” with a paper clip or something similar.  Pull the “TrippyTip” off and clean the “Vapor  Chamber” with a paper clip in a circular motion. Move what you are vaporizing into the center of the “Vapor Chamber”.

In order to avoid unwanted build-up in your  "Vapor Chamber" and improve air flow, soak it in Isopropyl alcohol for 1-2 hours once ever two weeks (or once every week with heavy usage).
Then let it dry in a ventilated area over night. This well help maintain optimum performance of your “Vapor Chamber”.

Additional ways to improve air flow in your Trippy Stix are to (1) replace your “Trippy Tip” regularly, and (2) replace your “Vapor Chamber” if the above cleaning method is not working.
We recommend changing your “Trippy Tip” & “Vapor Chamber” every 2-3 weeks depending on how vigorously you use “The Trippy Stix”. Every so often clean the top portion of your
“Activator” with a hard cotton ball Q-tip  dipped in Isopropyl alcohol C3H8O. Make sure you get in the inner threads of the “Activator”. All of these tips play a vital roll in keeping “The Trippy Stix” working like new.
Remember to clean you trippy stix after every use to insure a long lifespan. The battery and charger have a 1 year warranty. Due to health regulations we can not exchange the vapor chamber or vapor bowl unless it was received DOA and we were
notified within 2 days from the day you received it. If you are having any problems with your Trippy Stix, send us an email:
What  is “TheTrippy Stix”? It’s an electronic vaporizer, the first no-cartridge vaporizer. It produces vapor—-not smoke, ash, or other harmful combustion products.

What is vaporization? Vaporization is the process of heating of a substance until it turns into vapor. This is very different from smoking, which is based on the principle of combustion, and requires burning a substance until smoke is produced (along with other harmful products).

What is the benefit of vaporization (“vaping”)? Vaporization does not burn anything. With vaping, you are only inhaling the vaporized produced of the substance you are vaporizing (e.g. concentrate or oil). This is healthier than smoking because you aren’t inhaling any of the harmful chemicals produced by burning the substance (combustion).

What is different about “The Trippy Stix”? Most vaporizers are for liquids, not concentrates, and require cartridges that have to be filled. The Trippy Stix does not. Most also come with wicks that are pre-soaked with  “e-juice” which leave a bad after-taste. The Trippy Stix is the first no-cartridge vaporizer and doesn’t not come pre-soaked with anything. Vape what you want, when you want. Simple as that.

Are Trippy Stix legal? YES. Users must just be 18 years of age or older.
What is the combined weight of all components? About 35 grams.
What material is the casing made of? STAINLESS STEEL
What material is the wick made of? FIBERGLASS
What material is the heating element made of? It’s an alloy made of both NICKEL (80%) and CHROME (20%).
What temperature does your device heat the smoking material to? The temperatures achieve by The Trippy Stix range from 275-300 degrees F, which is ideal for vaporization of concentrates and oils.
Are there any materials used in this device that may be considered harmful to inhale? No. There are no harmful materials used in The Trippy Stix.
Does this product introduce any chemical contaminants into the vapor that may harm users? NO. The Trippy Stix does not contain any harmful contaminants. All atomizers are safety tested for quality control using an e-cigarette liquid that has been analyzed by an independent test lab (SGS). This testing fluid is harmless and has passed all EPA, Cancer, and Prop 65 standards for hazardous chemicals and toxicity.